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The Briarwolves are the wild warriors of the deep and tangled forests of Hodenwold. They make their home in an area of the forest called "The Briar" - an uncharted and unmapped area, thick with thorny briar vines. The Briarwolves honour the Ancestors - great spirits who watch over us, guide us and lend us strength. The most honoured of these spirits is The Great Wolf. As a result, the wild warriors decided to name themselves for their connections to the land and to the spirits.

The Briarwolves fight for freedom, balance in all things, and to protect our land from the expanding oppression of 'civilised' men. The Ancestors call upon us to help bring freedom to other living things as much as we can.
Out Of Character, we strive to be one of the most immersive warbands in Swordcraft - we do our best to look and play the part of our characters as much as we can. It should also go without saying that we are a pack, both on and off the field - support your brother and sister wolves, and we will support you to have a very rich and fun LARPing experience.

Want to know more?

We wouldn't be able to run if it weren't for our Pack - learn a little bit about your brother and sister wolves here.

Wonder why we're calling people "Pups"? Confused as to why there are "Claws" and "Fangs" on the field? You might want to read about our Ranks and Promotions.

Everyone wants to look the part - take a browse through our suggestions for What To Wear.

Whether we're hunting for food, defending our territory or waging war, we always have the same basic Fighting Style.

Home is where the heart is - Read more about The Briar, our forest home and territory.

Read some of our stories about how the Briarwolf Pact came to be: History and Lore.

Don't wanna read about history? Want to read about the what the Briarwolves have been up to lately? Come read some RP Stories.  

Every warband has some kind of deity they follow - We follow the guidance of The Ancestors.

Interested in magic? Why not look into Briarwolf Magic.

Still want to know more?

The best place to ask questions is over at The Briarwolf Pact Facebook Group Feel free to message us about any questions to do with the warband.

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